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Houdini - A New Musical

Fall 2016

A Magic to Do album has been released that includes two songs Stephen Schwartz wrote for Houdini, a Broadway project he worked on for several but later dropped. Enjoy the songs "Beyond Belief" and "It'll be Me." The second song expresses some of the themes of the musical project and Harry Houdini's life.


Fall 2014 Houdini Musical News

Stephen Schwartz has confirmed publicly that he is no longer working on the musical Houdini. He's also really busy with other shows: specifically Hunchback of Notre Dame stage production, a Dreamworks film, and two other stage productions. To keep up with Schwartz's schedule, please subscribe to our newsletter: The Schwartz Scene

2013 Houdini news

Songwriter Stephen Schwartz has a new Broadway musical in the works. The show, titled Houdini, is based on aspects of the life of the famous American magician Harry Houdini. The director is Jack O'Brien (Hairspray). Aaron Sorkin was to be the book writer but had to drop out of the project. The producers are aiming for a Broadway opening in the 2015-16 season.

Hugh Jackman was set to play the title role but withdrew in December 2013. "I have greatly enjoyed the collaborative process on Houdini," Jackman said in a statement. "Ultimately, though, I wasn't able to commit to the time this role will require."

Stephen Schwartz is a long-time Broadway veteran whose credits as composer-lyricist include the hit musicals Wicked, Pippin, Godspell, and The Magic Show, as well as several shows that didn't succeed on the Great White Way. He also contributed songs or lyrics for a handful of movie scores. (See our Schwartz page for Stephen Schwartz bio, interviews, etc.)

After he finished Wicked, he didn't plan to be involved with any other new musicals for Broadway. But when offered a chance to work with playwright and screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, he reconsidered. Aaron Sorkin dropped out of the project in 2013. A new book writer has been enlisted and progress is continuing on the show. Schwartz is enjoying his collaboration.

The earliest material written received a first informal reading in late June, 2012, and included Hugh Jackman. Schwartz has told the Associated Press that a full, private reading of the show is scheduled for December 2013. He hopes that the out of town, pre-Broadway tryout will be in Chicago.

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The Houdini Musical Story

Sorkin had explained in a statement that Houdini will not be a bio-musical per se. Rather, it will be told in a contemporary tone as "the story of an epic battle that took place between the world's greatest illusionist and a trio of women, known as 'Spiritualists,' who convinced millions of people, including the editors of Scientific American and The New York Times, that they could communicate with the dead."

Stephen Schwartz recently wrote an opera Seance on a Wet Afternoon that had a somewhat similar theme.

Stephen Schwartz and Houdini biographer Ken SilvermanHarry Houdini biographyFor the Houdini musical, Schwartz is thoroughly researching the life of Harry Houdini. (One of the features of Schwartz's lyrics is that they are carefully researched for colorful details that will help bring a character to life.)

In this photo he is pictured with Houdini biographer Ken Silverman, who he interviewed for background information for the project. [Stephen Schwartz and Kenneth Silverman in New York - photo by Schwartz biographer Carol de Giere.]

Silverman's book is one of many about the American magician and escape artist Harry Houdini (real name Ehrich Weiss) listed on Amazon.com.

See Houdini!: The Career of Ehrich Weiss: American Self-Liberator, Europe's Eclipsing Sensation, World's Handcuff King & Prison Brea

Stephen Schwartz biography Defying GravityStephen Schwartz Writing Musicals

Read about Stephen Schwartz's process of writing musicals in Defying Gravity: the Creative Career of Stephen Schwartz, from Godspell to Wicked

DefyingGravityTheBook.com - available in paperback and ebook

Defying Gravity includes many examples of how Schwartz approaches a musical for Broadway or film. It includes quotes from dozens of interviews that the author conducted with the award-winning songwriter over an eight-year period and features 200 photographs and illustrations including Schwartz's handwritten notes.

Stephen Schwartz's History with Magic

In 1974, Stephen Schwartz wrote the score for The Magic Show, a musical based around magician Doug Henning's talent. It ran for 1920 performances at the Cort Theatre on Broadway. (5/28/1974 to 12/31/1978). Two of the songs became popular cabaret concert classics, "Lion Tamer" and "West End Avenue."

The Creative Team for Houdini

Stephen Schwartz is on board for writing the music and lyrics for the Broadway-bound musical Houdini.

Jack O'Brien, the Tony-winning director for Hairspray, will stage Houdini. Co-producer Rockwell (Hairspray, The Normal Heart) will also render scenic design for the musical. Kurt Andersen, who has been developing the musical over the last several seasons, will remain on as a creative consultant.

Tony winners Scott Sanders and David Rockwell are producing the musical about the life of the turn-of-the-century illusionist.

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