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Jane Olivor Sings Schwartz

"I love Stephen Schwartz's songs. I think I sing more of his songs than of any other writer. " -- Jane Olivor

Photograph: Alubum cover for Songs of the Seasons by Jane Olivor

Jane Olivor Records Stephen Schwartz Songs:

"Colors of the Wind," "Crowded Island," "Hardest Part of Love," "Manchild Lullaby," "We Are Lights"....

Safe Return

Includes "Hardest Part of Love," "Crowded Island," & "Sippin Wine"

Stephen Schwartz's comment: "I thought that Jane Olivor's Safe Return CD captures how she really sounds better than any of her other CDs."

Jane Olivor: Safe Return CD - Amazon.com [new browser window] (P.S. Classics, 2004)

Jane Olivor - Safe Return - Concert on DVD [new browser window]

Recorded live during a concert in Boston in November, 2003, the CD and DVD include Schwartz's poignant song about letting go of love: "Hardest Part of Love" from Children of Eden and the bouyant and funny piece "Crowded Island" from his album Reluctant Pilgrim. Ms. Olivor also offers the first recording of "Sippin Wine" with music by Stephen Schwartz and lyrics by Gloria Nissenson.

From distributor Image Entertainment: With her spectacular voice and deeply emotional presence, Jane Olivor is a musical sensation. A deeply loved vocalist of the finest order, she can turn a ballad into a transforming experience and always leaves her audience wanting more. Now she returns to thrill new audiences with this brand new performance, featuring beloved standards and new melodies sure to touch your heart and lift your soul.

ABOUT SIPPIN' WINE: An an e-mail message, the lyricist answered my "what is it about" question: "I guess you could say the song is about a couple who have "made it" in the sense that here they are, comfortably "sippin' wine from crystal goblets", serving caviar, enjoying the so-called "good things". As they look back together they remember when "bread was dinner" and they "drank from jelly jars". And the wine tasted a little better back then. They know that it was their love for each other that really saw them through everything and got them to where they are today.

The chorus goes

Sippin' wine from crystal goblets isn't bad
But I miss the time when love was all we had."

Best Side of Goodbye

"Manchild Lullaby"


Jane Oliver - Best Side of Goodbye - (Columbia, 1980) Song clip available with link The Best Side of Goodbye [new browser window]


Manchild Lullaby sheet music by instant digital download

Love Decides - Includes "Colors of the Wind"

"Colors of the Wind" on Love Decides

FOR EUROPE: Jane Olivor CDs at Amazon.com UK

Songs of the Seasons includes "We Are Lights"

Jane Olivor - Songs of the Seasons [new browser window]

Stephen Schwartz wrote the music for two songs on this CD: "The Spirit of Christmas" and "The Chanukah Song (We Are Lights)." These songs express the deep spirit of the holidays and the way people can be lights to each other. This second song is hauntingly beautiful - Carol de Giere

A reviewer on Amazon.com said it's "...not like the run of the mill holiday CDs. This one is special. She not only sings some of our favoite holiday songs, but some we are not familiar with. She creaps into your soul. Each song sounds like she is singing it to you and with all the feeling and warmth that her beautiful voice is known for."

Sheet music is now available

This lyrical and expressive original by Broadway composer Stephen Schwartz will be a welcome addition to December concerts. A beautiful accompaniment provides the perfect underlay for the message: we are glowing, growing miracles; we are lights. Performance Time: Approx. 3:10. Available for SATB, SAB, SSA and ShowTrax CD. (Hal Leonard Corporation)


Broadway Sheet Music, sheetmusicplus.com Sheet Music Plus source for music for "Chanukah Song: We Are Lights" solo and choral versions: SATB, SAB, SSA, Choral Octavo.

Showtrax: Accompaniment track Karaoke CD for We Are Lights


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