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Stephen Schwartz's World: Family; a few Friends & Associates

Check the Michael Cole page for inside stories from Stephen's assistant.

The Schwartz Family

Stephen and Carole Schwartz met at a summer stock theatre and married in 1969. Carole is a talented actress and singer who has focused much of her attention on her family. Michael Cole told me when Carole sang "No Time at All" (from PIPPIN) at a benefit concert and she "brought the house down."

Their daughter Jessica is an art teacher, photographer, and graphic artist.

Their son Scott Schwartz is a theatre director.

John Bucchino

John is one of Stephen's closest friends. His album and songbook called GRATEFUL are not to be missed and are among my most treasured possessions. His songs for the video movie Joseph King of Dreams are some of the most upbeat and uplifting songs I've heard. (I bought the DVD which includes sing-along for some of John's songs.)

Visit: http://www.johnbucchino.com [new browser window] (opens new browser window)

For anyone who doesn't know, John Bucchino was the inspiration behind Stephen's Reluctant Pilgrim album. John recently told me his version of the story: "Stephen and I were, when we met, at totally different ends of the songwriting spectrum. He had only written songs for shows with preset parameters. I had only written songs from my own experience that came out organically. I asked Stephen, 'You mean you have never written a song because you felt like it?'"

John and Stephen became good friends and John kept bugging him about this type of songwriting. As they shared experiences as friends John would say, "I would think this would be great material to write about," and would encourage him to write the song. Now we have Reluctant Pilgrim and another CD of personal songs in the works.

John says the influence was reciprocal: "Through Stephen's influence I started writing for theatre. He suggested there was a natural theatricality about my material."

Andrew Lippa

Stephen counts Andrew as a close friend and colleague. Andrew arranged the vocal score for "Deliver Us" for The Prince of Egypt. Andrew is now well known for his musical The Wild Party as well as other feats of musicianship that dazzle the imagination.

Andrew says about Stephen: What impresses me most about Stephen Schwartz is his ability to remain contemporary. His work from the 70's sounds very 70's and in the 70's that was a good, good thing. But in his re-thinking of PIPPIN for instance he got very contemporary and adapted his songs to fit a very "now" sensibility. That's a rare thing that speaks volumes about him and about the quality of his songs that can bend that way. It's also wonderful to see that as an artist he continues to grow and change and expand. A hard thing to do but something he seems to do effortlessly. He certainly is a role model.

www.andrewlippa.com [new browser window] (opens new browser window)

Betty Buckley

Stephen and Carole Schwartz have been friends with Ms. Buckley since 1969. See the Betty Buckley page.