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Review of "The Baker's Wife" score

by Ed Heaberlin - May 17, 2000 11:23

I am a little baffled over the misunderstandings of the wonderful musical. If a person sat in the theatre and only saw someone call a cat a slut or dislikable people singing about bread, they did not see what I invision to be the production of The Baker's Wife. The Baker's Wife is this wonderful musical about finding personal fullfillment by accepting who you are, by accepting love and how it is given to you, and by accepting personal responsibility in relationships. I just think this musical is misunderstood.

The music in the show is some of Schartz's finest. Beautiful harmonies. Some of the most tender ballads ever written for musical theatre and all some people see is a man calling a cat a slut. DUH! The cat is a metaphor for him talking about his relationship with his wife. He addresses the animal because it is easier to handle that way. She even says "She will not leave" - something like that.

I can not wait till I have the oportunity to direct this show. I have had it in my consideration stack for several years. Oh well. The Baker's Wife is a WONDERFUL show! --eheaberlin@victor.cc.ca.us

Comment by John Heaton - May 11, 2000

I've never seen the show; I've only heard the Take Home Tunes soundtrack album. But judging only on that, I rank it as one of my favorite scores.

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