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Children of Eden

Theatre OutReach on Stage - Summer School 2000

This production involved a cast of 75 on stage plus about a dozen musicians in the orchestra pit. In that sense, it may have been one of the largest versions of Children of Eden ever mounted. All photos here are by Paul Pederson and are used with his permission. Copyright by Paul Pederson, 2000.

Children of Eden Canada - Dancersd1

From the candlelit opening of the show during the song "Let There Be."

Children of Eden Canada - The Namingd2

During "The Naming" this giant cast of animals colorfully surround Adam and Eve as they name them.

Children of Eden - Canada - Giraffesd3

Detail of Giraffes

Children of Eden Canada - Crocodiled4

Detail of Crocodile

Children of Eden - Canada - Dancersd5

Jonna Pederson and other dancers enjoy creating motion on stage.

Children of Eden Canada - Eve sees Treed6

Glowing apples look fascinating.

Dancing during Wasteland songd7

Dancers entertain during "The Wasteland" song.

Children of Eden - Canada - Cain and Fatherd8

With Cain in the foreground and Father in the back, this photo shows the power of dramatic lighting.

Children of Eden Canada - Noahd9

From Act 2 - Noah dwarfed by his Ark

Ain't It Good song with Mama Noahd10

The cast looks jubilent while singing the celebrative "Ain't It Good" with Mama Noah.

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