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About the Musical:

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Comparison: Working the musical and Working the text by Studs Terkel.

Suggestions for Cross Reference Study - notes by Carol de Giere. [copyright by Carol de Giere]

Studs Terkel book Working is divided into "books," sections within each book, and individual interviews as chapters. Page numbers may differ between different printings, and so instead I've used book, section, name notes.


For "It's An Art" song and waitress character DELORES DANTE, see Terkel chapter in Footwork section of Book Five: Dolores Dante. See lyrics and comments for "It's An Art"

For "Fathers and Sons" song and the musical character MIKE DILLARD, Ironworker, see Terkel preface Mike LeFevre, and in chapter in Book Nine: Fathers and Sons: Steelworker Steve Dubie. See "Fathers and Sons" lyrics and commentary

For "I'm Just Movin" song and musical character BABE SECOLI, Supermarket Checker, see Terkel chapter in Book Five: Footwork section, Babe Secoli, Supermarket Checker

For "Neat to Be A Newsboy" (older scripts), see Terkel Preface II, "Who Spread the News," Billy Carpenter.


For "Millwork" (or "Millworker") see Terkel chapter in Footwork section of Book Five: Grace Clements, felter, luggage factory

For "Un Mejor Dia Vendra" song and musical characters ROBERTO NUNEZ Boxboy and Migrant Worker, see Terkel Book Five: Footwork section, Brett Hauser and Book One, Working the Land section, Roberto Acuna, farm worker.

For "Brother Trucker" song see Terkel Book Four, The Driving section, Frank Decker, Interstate truckdriver


For "Lovin' Al" song for musical character AL CALINDA Parking Lot Attendant, see Terkel text in Book Four: Parking section, Alfred Pommier.

For "Cleaning Woman" song and musical character MAGGIE HOLMES, cleaning woman, see Terkel chapter in Book Three, Cleaning Up section, Maggie Holmes, domestic.

For "If I Could Have Been" - a general theme of the book.


For "The Mason" song and musical character ANTHONY COELHO, stone mason, see Terkel Preface III, Carl Murray Bates

For "Just a Housewife" song and musical character KATE RUSHTON, Housewife, see Terkel chapter in Book Five, Just A Housewife, Terese Carter.

For "Joe" and musical character JOE ZUTTY, Retiree, see Terkel chapter in Book Seven: Reflections on idleness and retirement section, Joe Zmuda, ex-shipping clerk.

For "Something to Point To" - a general theme of the book.


For "Nobody Tells Me How" and the musical character ROSE HOFFMAN, School Teacher, see Terkel chapter in Book Eight: Cradle to Grave section, Rose Hoffman, public school teacher

For musical character HEATHER LAMB, Telephone Operator, see Terkel Book Two, Communications section, Heather Lamb, Telephone operator.

For musical character CHARLIE BLOSSOM Ex-copy boy, see Terkel book Eight, called The Age of Charlie Blossom, and the chapter about Charlie Blossom, copy boy.

For musical character TOM PATRICK, Fireman, see Terkel's Book Nine, Fathers and Sons section, Tom Patrick, fireman.

For musical character, RALPH WERNER, Salesman, see Terkel chapter in Book Eight, The Age of Charlie Blossom, Ralph Werner, department store salesman.

Working the Musical - From Page to Stage

Defying Gravity Stephen Schwartz biographyIn Defying Gravity: The Creative Career of Stephen Schwartz, from Godspell to Wicked, includes a behind-the-scenes stories on the development of Working and what it meant to the creators.

Find out why Stephen Schwartz, Nina Faso, producer Irwin Meyer and others cared so much about this show, and how much creativity was required to make it happen. See photos of Students Terkel working with Schwartz, rehearsals, and more.

Working Albums

working album cover with letteringWorking The Compact Disc CD 1978 Cast Album of Working the Musical is currently unavailable except for used copies. Try here: Working ~ A New Musical From the Book by Studs Terkel (Original Cast Recording)

LA Theatre Works production - Unabridged edition (December 26, 2000) Working: Starring Eileen Barnett, Orson Bean, Harry Groener, Kaitlin Hopkins, Michael Kostroff, Kenna Ramsey, Vickilyn Reynolds, Vincent Tumeo and B.J. Ward, Stephen Schwartz's son, Scott Schwartz, directed this production. Includes songs and more.


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