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The Schwartz Scene Archive - Stephen Schwartz Updates and More

The Schwartz Scene archive (links below) includes material from back issues of The Schwartz Scene newsletter, an online publication started in 2000. To view current issues since 2014 see Schwartz Scene newsletter (right hand column has links to current issues).

1. Newsletter "updates" written by Stephen Schwartz

Broadway and film songwriter Stephen Schwartz, known especially for his shows Godspell, Pippin, and Wicked, has been writing news updates about his creative career since 2000. (Each newsletter also contained other news and articles, but for simplicity, these archives are primarly only Schwartz's writing.)

2). Articles and news items includes in back issues

Here we list some of the articles that were originally included in issues of The Schwartz Scene newsletter that are now part of the MusicalSchwartz.com website.

Michael Cole's articles

Stephen Schwartz's assistant, Michael Cole, writes about his own experiences as a performer in Godspell, his job, and his opportunities to experience and perform in readings for Wicked. Michael Cole's articles

Carol de GiereCarol de Giere's articles

Carol de Giere is the editor for The Schwartz Scene, and author of the Stephen Schwartz biography, Defying Gravity.


Laura Nyro, Godspell Song Rhythms, and "Bless the Lord" Pop singer-songwriter Laura Nyro's music influenced Stephen Schwartz, especially for "Bless the Lord."

Irving Berlin and the Musical Models for "All For the Best" - look down the Godspell Songs page for this article about Schwartz's musical inspiration for his original number "All For the Best"

Godspell History - The orignal production at CMU - Godspell got its start at Carnegie Mellon University. This article includes campus photos and the story of the earliest version of the show. It also includes a cast list.

Godspell's Generations: Can Scott Schwartz Update Dad's Show? - Based on an interview with Scott Schwartz about the 2001 tour that he directed.


Stephen Schwartz's Hidden Song Treasures - Songs Cut from Musicals

Stephen Schwartz's Musical Influences


These links are for pages on MusicalSchwartz.com that were originally added as "articles" for The Schwartz Scene newsletter.

Gregory Maguire on Wicked's Music - The author of the novel Wicked provides an insightful commentary on the musical score.

Hairspray's High Energy Inspires Wicked's "What is This Feeling" - Carol de Giere shares Stephen Schwartz's story about what happened to Wicked's development ater director Joe Mantello saw Hairspray.

Animals and the Story Behind "Something Bad" from Wicked- The Animal story is central to the musical, but proved a difficult story to tell.

Wicked's Web of Musical Themes - During a group meeting organized by author Carol de Giere, Stephen Schwartz commented on the motifs within the Wicked score.

Idina Menzel, Elphaba, and the Artistic Life - Carol de Giere interviewed Idina Menzel while writing the Stephen Schwartz biography, Defying Gravity. These comments from Menzel about artistic life came from that phone interview.

Stephen Oremus - Working with Wicked's Fresh Score from the Opening - Stephen Oremus was Wicked's original music director who watched the show evolve through all readings and rehearsals.

Wicked Costumes - Based on Carol de Giere's interview with costume designer Susan Hilftery.

Finding Oz - An interview with Finding Oz author about L. Frank Baum, author of The Wizard of Oz.


Soaring with Captain Louie - Schwartz's new "Family" musical

Shawn McCarthy, columnist, the Schwartz SceneShawn McCarthy's articles

Writer and long-time Canadian Schwartz fan Shawn McCarthy wrote several articles for issues of the newsletter. Sometimes the articles appear after product listings - so look down the page.

Godspell Toronto "Prepared the Way" For Many a Star

"We Can Build a Beautiful City" The Story of Schwartz's Godspell Song.

"In Whatever Time We Have" Review - Children of Eden Song

Fall 2003 - 30 Year Anniversary of Pippin Pippin's Score Had Magic To Do. This page also includes John V.J. Gillespie's Memories of Pippin.

'SING FOR ME, MY MEADOWLARK'-- Betty Buckley and Patti LuPone

"Through Heaven's Eyes" and Brian's Voice about the inspirational song from The Prince of Egypt.

Stephen Schwartz Ventures Onto The Roads Untaken

Taking It To The Streets: Liz Callaway Tours with Stephen Schwartz

ASCAP and Schwartz: Nurturing Tomorrow's Musical Theatre Talent Today--see the lower part of the page for the article.

Scott Schwartz's Updates

See his page at Scott Schwartz

Guest Writers or interviewees

Peggy Gordon: Peggy composed the music for "By My Side." She writes about where the song came from and what it could mean in the context of the show. Godspell history - Peggy Gordon and "By My Side"

Bob Vieira: Wicked's Groundbreaking Score. This lengthy and detailed article presents an analysis of Wicked's cast recording and may interest musicians and others. http://www.musicalschwartz.com/wicked-score.htm

Alex Lacamoire: Godspell 2001 orchestrations and arrangements

Peter Leavy: We received permission to reprint Peter Leavy's article from Cabaret Scenes magazine about Schwartz's career. Stephen Schwartz career

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More Schwartz news

For current events and news see: Events and News related to Stephen Schwartz and his musicals